International Collaborative Literature Project

Neveh Channah Girls High School - Etzion Bloc, Israel

Lower Canada College - Montreal, Canada


This site is part of a collaborative learning project between pairs of schools in different countries sponsored by the State of Israel Ministry of Education Culture and Sports Pedagogic Secretariat, The Israeli Pedagogical Network for Collaborative Learning (IPNCL). This year, Mrs. Karen Guth's tenth grade English speakers class of Neveh Channah in Israel has again paired with a ninth grade class of The Lower Canada College in Montreal, Canada. Last year NC and LCC carried out a very successful collaborative project involving study of The Name, by Aharon Megged and a selection of Canadian poems and short stories.

The topic for this year’s project is Jerusalem, City of Hope. As a group, we will be approaching this project from a study of poetry, song, and speeches, both in Hebrew and English. The pieces that the students write and send to Montreal will, of course, be in English. The students in Canada will share information on their city as well. Students will be able to choose from a variety of topics to research on Jerusalem, spanning from historical time periods, famous personalities from Jerusalem, political topics associated with the city, and comparing other literary or artistic pieces with those selected here.

In addition to studying the story and researching and writing about the themes and motives related to it, we participated in a number of significant enrichment activities to help us better experience those themes.

Mrs. Esther Horowitz, of the Hebrew Literature Department, taught us about some of Yehuda Amichai's Jerusalem Poetry.

Esther Horowitz Teaching Yehuda Amichai's Jerusalem Poetry
to Neveh Channah Class

As part of the Neveh Channah Library and Literature Day, we heard a hilarious presentation by Jackie Levi, who told us about the life in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem all along the 20th century.


We saw the Jerusalem set movie, "Someone to Run With" based on the novel of the same name by the renowned author, David Grossman.

On March 18, we toured Jerusalem with Yoni Berg as our guide. We managed to visit some of our research sites such as the the Southern Temple Mount Wall, The Cable Car which connected the Old and New sections of the city in 1948, Yemin Moshe and Mishkenot Shaananim and the King David Hotel. we could have seen more had our bus not broken down! :-(
Here is a short movie showing some of the highlights of the Jerusalem trip.

While studying our own literature we have been in contact with Mrs. Sharon Peters' ninth grade class in Montreal. We told them about us and learned about them, comparing the differences and similarities of life in Israel and in Montreal. We have been using LCC's Moodle environment to carry out our discussions.

Our partners at LCC have been studying Canadian literary pieces and will create a website presenting them to us to help us study them. On this website we are presenting our work on "Jerusalem, City of Hope" to help our partners learn about the role of our capital city, Jerusalem, in Israeli culture. In the last part of the project we will an international dialogue on both the Canadian and Israeli literature and cultures.

See this cool animation of Matisyahu's reggae on Jerusalem - thanks to Phylis!

See the snow in the Etzion Bloc on Dec. 27-28, 2006 here:

See slides of a visit to Ancient Jerusalem on the Succot holiday here.