What the Project is About


Students will be able to complete a research project, which involves reading and analyzing a minimum of four English sources, which answer a predetermined research question in a formal written report (according to the guidelines developed by the Department of Education’s English Bagrut project).

Students will share their projects with a group of on-line students from a school in Montreal and dialogue with one another about the similarities and differences in each other’s viewpoints and worldviews.

Students will gain an appreciation and a sense of accomplishment from delving into a topic beyond a perfunctory level to further develop their analytical, critical, and communication skills.

The topic for this year’s project is Jerusalem, City of Hope. As a group we will be approaching this project from a study of poetry, song, and speeches, both in Hebrew and English. The pieces that the students write and send to Montreal will, of course, be in English. The students in Canada will share information on their city as well. Students will be able to choose from a variety of topics to research on Jerusalem, spanning from historical time periods, famous personalities from Jerusalem, political topics associated with the city, and comparing other literary or artistic pieces with those selected here.

Selected Pieces:

1.Jerusalem Poems of Yehuda Amicha:
From Jerusalem 1967
B.Ecology of Jerusalem
All The Generations Before Me

2. Religious Poetry of Zelda
A. The Shadow of the White Mountain
B. I Flowered in a Stone House
C. With My Grandfather

3. Songs
A. Naomi Shemer, Jerusalem of Gold
B. Naftali Herz Imber, Hatikvah, Israeli National Anthem

4.Speeches after the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967
A.Colonel Motta Gur
B.Elie Wiesel
C.Natan Sharansky