Holocaust Remembrance Day
By: Ariella Navon

Yom Ha Shoa is a day that is set aside to remember all the innocent people who were killed for one and only reason, they were Jews. Throughout history the Jews have been pushed around, humiliated and murdered simply for being Jews. This day of the year is important to make sure we never forget what happened to make sure we never forget what happed to those innocent people just because they were Jews.

The Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel is a day filled with tears. On this day we try to learn more about what happened, what was done to our nation. On this day we remember our people, our friends and our family who didn’t make it through those horrible years. On this day we do everything so we'll never forget. At 10 in the morning, on Yom Ha Shoa, a siren goes off for one minute and the whole country stops to remember.

There are many ceremonies that take place in schools, community centers and a very big ceremony in Yad Vashem (The Holocaust museum). These ceremonies make you fell as if you were there. They try to make you feel what it was like to lose everything; your family, your friends, and basically your whole life.

The Holocaust Remembrance day is a very important day. We can never forget what was done to our nation, to the people who lost everything and to those who had to start their lives over. We must remember the people whose life was taken from them for no reason.

Remembering the past is important because as philosopher George Santayana said,
"He who forgets the past is condemned to repeat it."