Pastel Nazis reaction piece

Here in Israel, we have a day where the whole country commemorates the Holocaust and all the Jews who were murdered in it. Everything is different on that day. On television, instead of having the regular programs there are movies about the holocaust, on the radio only sad songs are played and there are memorial ceremonies all over the country.
“Yad Vashem” is a museum that was started in order to have a place for people to see what happened in the Holocaust , here in Israel. On “Yom Hashoa”, the memorial day for the Holocaust victims. Yad Vashem is full of people and there are ceremonies there too.
Besides this, at 10 am there is a siren that is heard throughout the country. During this siren, everybody stops whatever they’re doing and takes a minute to remember all those who died, just because they were Jewish.

Moise Peer is showing us Holocaust in a different way than other survivors who tell the stories or use art. Peer is showing us pictures as if from the eyes of a child, a child who colors pictures, just like any other child would. But why does he color pictures of such horrible things? Peer is showing us that this was his childhood. He didn’t grow up like a normal child and he didn’t color pictures like a normal child. All he knew was war and now when he’s old, now he’s coloring pictures as if he were a child, the pictures of his childhood.