Pastel Nazis- Reaction Piece

Holocaust Remembrance Day is a Day dedicated to remembering the six million Jews that were massacred during the Holocaust. Throughout this day, assemblies are held in every school, high schools, elementary schools, religious and non-religious. A Holocaust museum, Yad Va'Shem, holds a big ceremony, in which many Holocaust survivors participate. During this day, the regular TV schedule is changed. None of the regular TV shows are played, but instead there are Holocaust movies and interviews with Holocaust survivors and their families. At around 10 AM, a siren is sounded for a minute. For that one minute, everyone stands silent and remembers the tragedy that happened to our nation. This siren is sounded throughout the whole country.

When we read "Pastel Nazis" in class, there were a lot of different opinions brought up. Some found it boring, some found it different, and some thought it was interesting. Even though this is not the usual kind of Holocaust story, we have to respect it because this is Peer's way of dealing with his past, the Holocaust.

In our opinion, what happened to Peer was tragic. He went through such a traumatic thing as a child, and when he came out of the Holocaust, he was never able to let go and move on with his life. He never got a real job, never got married and had kids, he just dedicated his life to selling his book, passing on the tragic thing he experienced as a kid.

Peer never had the chance to really grow up. Part of Peer always stayed the child he was before the Holocaust. Kids draw with colors, and that's what Peer does his whole life. He colors in the pictures in his book, and brings him to life. He draws with childish, crayola-like colors, something that is more typical for a child to than a mature adult.