Pastel Nazies- Avital Pushett
In Israel, on the Holocaust Meorial Day, we have lots of ceremonies and shows which try to bring to life and demonstrate the horrors and fears of the Holocaust. There is also as siren that is heard over the whole country for an entire minute. Everyone stops what they are doing and stand still in order to remember the millions of Jews that were killed and tortured in the Holocaust.
When I read about Mr. Peer, at first I thought he was crazy. Here is a man who colours pictures of the Holocaust as if he is a little boy colouring pictures of clowns and animals. Mr. peer didn't have a good or easy childhood. He saw horrors that we can't even imagine. Mr. Peer grew up up too fast. He didn't have the chance to experience adolesence as a normal teenager. Mr. Peer did not have a real childhood. I think that by colouring these pictures, Mr. Peer is trying to make up the time he lost as a child, but he also wants to show the world what he went through. He wants to share this terrible ordeal with innocent young adults who didn't have to go through the terrible experience of the Holocaust.
Pastel colours are warm and happy colours. When we see pictures of the Holocaust, we see them mostly in black and white, which makes them much less real. As soon as these pictures are in colour, and not in normal colours, but warm pastel ones, it makes the pictures and the Holocaust much more realistic, surreal and grotesque. These pictures come to show exactly what Mr. Peer went through; he wants to show his feelings to the world. Therefore, after analysing Mr. Peers deeds, I have come to the conclusion that he is not crazy. He is just a sad Holocaust survivor who needs to share his experience with the rest of the world, in order to cope with the terrible ordeal that he went through.