Fallen Soldiers Remembrance Day and Independence Day

Every year, a siren is heard throughout Israel for one minute. During that period of time, every Israeli stands still and silent and thinks about the soldiers and terror victims who have fallen. Less than 10 hours later, the same people who stood still and silent, celebrate the independence of Israel. For many people doing this is hard. Going from a state of sadness to a state of joy in such a short period of time is very difficult.
I think that these two events are so close together is because they are connected. We can't celebrate the freedom of our country without remembering those who have died for it. Only when we understand what huge sacrifices people have made for Israel, can we celebrate its independence. Therefore, I think that the fact that these two days are so close together is to show people that we would not even have the State of Israel if it wasn’t for those who fought for it.