You might ask how we commemorate the Holocaust? I ask back, how can we forget?!

We have one day in the year when all of the country comes together in order to remember our history, and the people that are not with us today.

We have several ways to remind us and to remember what happened to our nation. For example, there is a minute in the day when all stop what they do. We stand and remember. The country stops, on the highways, the cars stop, in schools, shops, people at work, hospitals and all places, we stop and listen to the siren. In the day we have ceremonies in schools and our towns. There is also a large central ceremony in our capital, Jerusalem.

The Holocaust is something that is always with our country and nation. We carry the memory of it with us in our hearts. It impacts the decisions we make in our life, and future.

The story, "Pastel Nazis" affected us very much. The pictures in the story show the Holocaust in a hared and ironic way. It makes people look or turn away, and it makes them deal with it.

The sentence that Mr. Peer wrote in his inscription is sadly true, we really can't believe that people can forget or deny the Holocaust.