Pastel Nazis
Yom Hashoah is a day dedicated to remembering both the death and the destruction of six million Jews and to salute the survivors who are walking around charred with the memories.

The day is solemn with many ceremonies, poems and a siren which unites everyone together for two minutes of silence. Together everyone unites in a feeling of sorrow, loss, and the feeling of the unavoidable question- why did it happen?

On Yom Hashoah we read the story "Pastel Nazis" in class. In reflection to the story I feel that creating the horror in color brings it more to life. Yet, there is nothing more extreme than black and white. Maybe the pastel colors which should soften the horror make it worse, alive but devilish, possible evil, not ending. This trauma for this survivor will never end, like a book which is reread, his story has to always be retold.